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[Verse 1]
I put raw spitters in hospitals
Make war and it’s not civil
Nah, they say I’m fruity
Watch this star burst when I got Skittles
Taste the rainbow and make the flame grow
I hate the fake and don’t say the same flow
Keep the bass low and make a name
When I turn a phrase like a vertebrae
‘Cause I’m back
It’s a big disaster for the pricks and bastards
I pick the crass words and spit ‘em faster
You can hear it when it’s mixed and mastered
So easily
This game I’m controlling
I’m not on Molly (Weasley)
J.K. Rolling.
Wanna spaz on a track when the savage is back
That ravenous rap? I’m the master of that
Don’t act like I never told you
So bad that I’m good like Birdemic and Troll 2
Show me what you’re gon’ do
Stay cheesy like fondue
But I’ll placate the fun kids
When I make hasty couplets
Then say lazy dumb shit
So fuck your assumptions
Square in my roots
Like logarithmic functions
Just quoting the facts
And I know that you’re wack
You’re alive but you’re dead like Schrödinger’s cat
Yo, when I’m ripe you can bite me, like a vegetable
I might be slightly intellectual
I’ll stick ‘em with an IV, medically gonna inject ‘em
With a chemical, they’re so ineffectual
My etiquette is energetic hit ‘em with a better bit of
Elegant and effortless lyrics, whoa
But never would I wanna let a little bit of arrogance
Ever effect what you’re hearin’ yo
On a song I’m rude
But when I’m home then I’m often cool
And I still love you enough to hug you to death
Up at Carleton too, chicka chicka chick
Creationists say I’m eloquent with rhyme clearly
It’s 'cause my music proves intelligent design theory

Awesome eclectic and often neglected
Wrong kid to mess with, rockin’ the best shit
Your awful inflections are causin’ a head spin
Cost me some meds when I bought some Excedrin
Awesome eclectic and often neglected
Raw with the message, lost in perspective
They all disrespect this, stop and accept it
Awesome eclectic and often neglected

[Verse 2]
Killin’ the beat is my philosophy
I’m awfully close to a product of Watsky, Kant, Tupac and Socrates
Commonly stompin’ these boring commoners, I’ll hop on a raw beat
And make a war monger out of Mahatma Ghandi
And steal all your fans who were
At the show to see you rappin’, now they’re absent like Bueller
I take you as seriously as a comic sans humor
And see through your shit like a hologram sewer
I’m annoyed by the wack rap often
Yappin’ in the trap crap then I put you back in a coffin
Didn’t anybody ever wanna hear you rap since
Back when the Ducks played in the Pac 10
You’ll never see me in a sports car
But they chant “Ay ay ay!” like they’re reading my report card
Y’all rappin’ ‘bout hogwash, fellas
My lyrics paint a picture makin’ Bob Ross jealous
Started from the bottom now I’m Hiura, still a peon
But beyond a fleeting phase, rockin’ for an aeon
I write punches that hit harder than right punches
Destroy the track then take my mom out for a nice luncheon
You could never be a cunning street linguist
My grandma raps better and she doesn’t speak English
I’m running these lyrics that elicit death
I’m the reverse of what you thought like cough syrup made from crystal meth
Yo, I gotta catch a breath
But when I’m shakin’ up the game, I’ll erase you
Etch A Sketch


from Ambition, released August 22, 2014
Beat by Odar
Lyrics by Gradient


all rights reserved



Gradient Eugene, Oregon

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