Elevator Music (feat. The Palmer Squares)

from by Gradient

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[Verse 1: Gradient]
Y’all rappin’ clowns that are rappin’ now better
Consider immediate retirement
Can’t make it in the rap school when
There’s a writing and reading requirement
Ain’t found that wordplay, or rhymin’ ability?
Try and acquire it
Y’all sound like Earth Day
Recycling lyrics, save the environment
But I turn off the cruise control and I roll like drivin’ manual cars
But I can outrap you on a bicycle too
Don’t you know that I can handlebars? Yup
Tell me that I need to rehearse? I consider that libel
I don’t think you could get any worse when y’all
Couldn’t spit a verse if you were chokin’ on the bible
So consider this an Exodus from your rap career
The Revelation’s next and it’s
Not lookin’ good for you
So bow down and respect my ¬new testament
Thou shalt not kill this shit
I’m the only murderer, man you know me
Motherfucker, you’re not tight
You flop like Manu Ginobili
My rhyme’s like Kryptonite
So don’t pick the fight when I grip the mic
I’m steady kickin’ it, burnin’ it, put your shit in a tourniquet
Then I make a blackout like I flicked the light
Got nothin’ on me like nudity
This rappin’ shit’s not new to me
I’m stackin’ bread, not gluten free, so
What the fuck you gonna do to me?

It’s elevator music, yeah that’s elevator music
All these rappers online sound like elevator music
It’s elevator music, yeah that’s that elevator music
Y’all are boring all the time like elevator music

[Verse 2: Acumental]
I got witch hunters in Burkittsville
Big numbers and a urge to kill
Bump 30 milligram Percocets
To the dirty version of Purple Hills
Find Ac on the blacktop in a red coat like Cliffjumper
A piff puffer like Chris Tucker
Chug whiskey then skip supper
Let’s go over the basics
We’re dope and nobody hates us
Vocal homeostasis
So all the homies go ape ish
Your tape gets played in elevators while I’m playin’
Sold out shows at Reggie’s next to Record Breakers
Catch me later

[Terminal Knowledge]
What it be? What it is?
Nobody gets me at all
Throwing shit at the wall (splat!)
Just to see if it sticks
Puffin’ tree in the whip, roamin’ the streets
Keep that weed smoking aroma
He don’t even know what it mean like mesothelioma
Iconoclastic squadon
Finna max the profits
I got some narcotics stashed in my pockets
And a wad of cash in my sock
Just keep calm, be nonchalant
Commandant and phenomenon
Sleep in a coffin, call me the Count
Reach in your pockets all the way down
Bottom line: if you fuck with our clique, I’m not surprised
Who wouldn’t?
You pushin’ a large abundance of redundant garbage
And the problem lies behind your plot to economize
As opposed to open your chakras wide
A conscious mind is not a crime
Stone Age philosophies fossilized


[Verse 3: Gradient]
So when I pick up the mic I’mma use it well
And I’mma think of a rhyme I can truly tell
Is gonna shake up the status quo in this hip-hop shit
And now you’re knowin’ that when I spit
I’m itchin’ to get in a position
To show a coward that I can brawl
Fire Emblem the entire section
I’m overpowered like Ike in Brawl
I smash flows, then I play a little game of Super Smash Bros.
Unmatchable and I lack foes
‘Cause everybody’s too afraid to attack, bro!
So I tell a hater, like Gary Oak, “I’ll smell ya later”
Risin’ up and I’m excellin’ greater
When I’m ridin’ up in my elevator
And I’m out


from Ambition, released August 22, 2014
Beat by Nate Kiz
Lyrics by Gradient & The Palmer Squares (Acumental & Terminal Knowledge)
Additional sound effect sampling by Gradient


all rights reserved



Gradient Eugene, Oregon

Check out my music video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynMCuVtG7eM

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