Rainy Day (feat. Halah Mohammed)

from by Gradient

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[Verse 1:]
I’m not gonna, not gonna, not gonna wait
For the beat to hit before I can spit
‘Cause I’ve waited my entire life for this
Writin’ this felt nice, it did, but it feels better to be recitin’ this
I exist in life to try and fly as high as I can get
Strive to just inspire minds of guys who might be likin’ it
I liken it to a medicine
Kill pain like Vicodin
Rap game didn’t wanna let us in
But it’ll get a lot better once I get in
I got a mic and a pen and I might go and
Go psycho quite like Michael did
Or I might just write flows honestly
When I’m on the beat that’s what my goal is
So I must confess to feeling blessed that you are hearing this
My only goal in rap is to reflect on my experience
I testify that weirder kids can best the finest lyricists
I step farther than stepfathers of Potter, yeah I’m Sirius
Deliriously spitting sicker than a myriad
Of punks and I can punctuate a line without a period
I spit it correct and stay calm on the beat
Like I’m Thom the grammar officer, comma police
OK, computer saying I should stop the dated references
Optimize my album quality with data sets and shit
Nah, I say the things I wanna say, my weapon is
The authenticity that’s often missin’ when they’re reppin’ shit

[Chopped vocal sample:]
…Rainy day, rainy day, rainy day

[Verse 2:]
140 days a year it rains in my hometown
I’m grateful every day that I was raised in my hometown
Eugene, Oregon, a little insane and far from the humdrum
Hope you don’t get bored but I wanna explain about where I come from
Constant cloudy climate, say goodbye to your dumb umbrella
‘Cause daily showers here are not a conundrum
I’m from, pizza drivers too high to deliver
And I’m from pickin’ blackberries on the side of the river
And I’m from often being asked real politely by a guy on the street
If I’ll provide a dollar so he and his wife get to eat
Unspoken poverty, got a lot of folks not ownin’ property
But I don’t wanna focus on showin’ awful things
There’s a lot that growin’ taught to me
People want that dough monopoly
But don’t want the battle, the burns and scars
Shout-out to my family ‘cause they
Showed me the value of workin’ hard
In the backyard past the sunset
Dad made us work ‘til we ask are we done yet
Mom workin’ every night to feed us food
And my sis taught me to succeed in school
Clouds overhead but it’s okay
Never be afraid of a rainy day
Just seek that goal that you have before you
‘Cause nobody’s gonna grab it for you

[Chopped vocal sample]

[Poem: Halah Mohammed]

When no one else will for you
Will, for you, thunder claps
A shower of praises 'til you crack
A blue sky missing sun


Whether or not they see you
Wet faces with your rainy day words
You strike pain

And never let up

The will to will for you
Whatever they won’t


from Ambition, released August 22, 2014
Beat by Odar
Lyrics by Gradient
Ending poem by Halah Mohammed


all rights reserved



Gradient Eugene, Oregon

Check out my music video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynMCuVtG7eM

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