Spectacle (feat. The ILLusionists & Ogar Burl)

from by Gradient

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[Verse 1: Ogar Burl]
It’s the team from your dreams and you’ll see what I mean
It’s the theme, as the steam builds up it seems to scream
Kettle on the flame, we don’t settle for the lame
Set ‘em up, we knock ‘em down
It’s not the same when we’re done
See it’s fun but I’m serious
And if you’re feelin’ this you’re getting’ lifted like my spirit is
You hearin’ this? If not then pay attention
I’m benchin’ a thousand pounds of funk without flinchin’
It’s a cinch and I wouldn’t have it any other way
My conversations rhyme; I’ve been trainin’ every day
There’s no wastin’ time because we’re down to the last minute
So gimme the beat and I’ma try to be fast with it
I’m past gimmicks, over the shenanigans
My eyes are closed, I’m focused and I’m feelin’ like a fan again
The state of hip-hop is sad but we’re savin’ it
Odar, Sammy, Ogar, Ev and Gradient

[Verse 2: Gradient]
So is it too much to ask, that if you call yourself a rhymer
You try and supply a meaningful line from time to time
‘Cause there’s an overwhelming amount of these underwhelming emcees
Who follow where the trends be, it honestly offends me
They often ask “Dude, how’d I sound? Did you like the show?”
Yeah, I liked the part where you put down the microphone
You see, I lost interest in your flows
‘cause all you say is “Yo, I got bitches and some hoes”
Oh whoa, this dude has messages and talented rhymes
It’s not like I’ve heard that sexist shit a thousand times
Act tough but you’re so not vicious
That growl in your voice; have some throat lozenges
With complicated rhythms I can shock your faded vision
They often pay admission just to watch the way we’re rippin’
I’ve been kickin’ flows since I was kickin’ in my mother’s womb
When you’re onstage I’d rather listen in the other room

Yeah we just wanna let you know
You are now tuned into the spectacle
We rock stages and wreck the flow
It’s amazin’, it’s called the spectacle

[Verse 3: E.Ville]
You’ve been vetoed, finito, you suck more than mosquitos
Talkin’ about how you got money, but you’ve never seen a C note
Everything you do illegal, actin’ like you’re big as Beatles
But unto a little leaguer as I am the Great Bambino
I’m Pig Pen filthy, Latino amigos they say
“Este gringo es pinche cochino!”
Career run cold? Well that’s a bummer
I’m hotter than 27 sweaters in the summer
So I’m shittin’ on your writtens ‘cause they’re cuter than kittens
You’re not convincin’ when you’re fibbin’ that you’re swimming in women
‘Cause I don’t get a dick about the tits you grip, whips you flip
Bet you bought your kicks with a Groupon coupon
Dude, I’m the Pooh like Winnie, bruh
Make a guttural sound if you feel me (ungh!)
When a punk jumps up to fuck with Chuck Brown
They’re a bank on Memorial Day: shut down

[Verse 4: Sammy Warm Hands]
Giving you the runaround, potty mouth
Listening to Guttermouth and Body Count
So underground that I’m rotting out
But I’ve got an affinity for obliterating any emcees in a given vicinity
Reducing the little shits to Kibbles ‘n Bits
You and this music didn’t mix, like Skittles and Ritz
I’ll turn your ego to emo like slitting a wrist
Yeah, who shot Mr. Burns?
Who got pissed and turned the mic into a weapon
to exacerbate depression?
Abusing music for therapy under scrutiny’s terribly harder
But only going farther,
I’d suck a dick just to fuck with my homophobic father
Wait – I’m getting déjà vu
Gradient’s resurrecting features like Ra’s al Ghul
I guess Odar, Ecid, Task, Ogar, Guante and E.Ville
have all signed on for the sequel!


from Ambition, released August 22, 2014
Beat by Odar
Lyrics by Ogar Burl, Gradient, & The ILLusionists (E.Ville & Sammy Warm Hands)


all rights reserved



Gradient Eugene, Oregon

Check out my music video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynMCuVtG7eM

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