Swing For the Fences (feat. The Jokerr & Masetti)

from by Gradient

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No matter what’ll happen I’mma swing for the fences

[Verse 1: Masetti]
I never was the one to focus on the salary
I'd rather be the one you come to when in actuality
Reality is somewhere that I never thought I’d make it
So I practiced, made it perfect, now I'm going back to basics
Basically this used to be the place to be, I would hate to leave
Sitting on the bench while chewing gum and waiting patiently
Minutes turned to hours, hours turned into a race to be
The best that I could be, this music league and where it's taking me
Pacing back and forth and lately I don't see the problem
With being up to bat with bases loaded at the bottom
Of the ninth inning, mind spinning, thinking and I’m plotting
And this voice is telling me to leave the competition rotting
Gradient, he told focus on the game and I believe him
I bet that’s why I'm getting better season after season
All the people hatin’, I don't really need ‘em at all
Watching from the crowd screamin’ I'mma leave ‘em in awe
Get up brush myself off keep my eyes on the ball
And swing and let the world have it as my problems dissolve

[Chorus: Masetti]
I’m looking as far as I can see
But thoughts of the future, they keep stressing me
Like where did the day go, and if I will stay low
Or will I find the treasure at the end of the rainbow
It’s all perspective and in my mind
I try to respect it but I can’t find
The meaning of all of it seems so pretentious
But I can take the bench or I can swing for the fences

No matter what’ll happen I’mma run ‘til the day I die
And if you’re looking for me you can find me in the sky

[Verse 2: The Jokerr]
Look, I'm tryna be remembered in history as a rhyming legend
A methodological prodigy, I'm obliged to refine my methods
I've come to discover I've been entrusted with a message
To bring to the blind a timeless and divine vestige
To bring hope to a generation of truth-seekers
And take the focus off the jewelry and the new sneakers
To bring the most important issues to the forefront
And knock the wind outta you naysayers like a core punch
Before, once, I was struck with a hunch
That life was more than sippin' Jalousie and puffin' the blunts
'Til I was hit with the conviction I should bring it to the masses
With my black size 13 aimin' for asses
And straight started kickin' like a buck wild stallion
They sent me off alone and now I'm comin' back with thousands
Espousing to bring light to billions of lives
And keep it live while we aimin' for the sky

[Chorus & post-chorus]

[Verse 3: Gradient]
I think we all got our sights on a path to fulfillment
We’re filled with the might to reignite the filament
Inside that had flickered and died, feelin’ sick and deprived
Tryna rekindle the fire we felt as children
And still I feel a call that’s instilled in us all
It’s the will just to always be building, exploring
Ignoring the crowd of the loudest of doubters
In order to vow to go make what we’re proud of
I didn’t believe I would ever be able to spit on a beat
And be makin’ a crowd jump
Never was thinkin’ of doin’ it seriously
Now I’m makin’ an album
And how come I was paralyzed with insecurity
Now my rap heroes hear my rhymes and wanna work with me
From Ireland to Berkeley the passion develops
‘Cause now I’m catchin’ attention from international fellas
When I rap I’mma drop something poignant in your speakers
‘Cause now I call the shots like I’m pointing at the bleachers
With Jokerr and Masetti on the features



from Ambition, released August 22, 2014
Beat by Odar
Lyrics by Masetti, The Jokerr, & Gradient


all rights reserved



Gradient Eugene, Oregon

Check out my music video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynMCuVtG7eM

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